Painting Contractor Cincinnati To Prepare Home For Sale

interior paintingThere are so many reasons why you intend to paint your home, and one of them is when you’re putting it on the market. As such, hiring a painting contractor Cincinnati area is your best move if you wish to sell your home fast.

For some, there’s no point in spending another dime for repainting a house that’s about to be sold. But this type of misconception can cost the homeowner dearly. Without stressing the important of a fresh coat of paint, the home may never be sold after all!

Opting for the Professional Painting Contractor Cincinnati

Most homeowners can paint their own rooms and interior. But the question is as a homeowner who is busy and preoccupied with lots of other things, do you really have sufficient time to spare for painting? The likely answer would be no. That’s why opting for a professional painting contractor is not just practical, but a wise move on your part. Furthermore, relying on your DIY skills might be too risky especially if you are painting your house for the purpose of increasing its market value. What if you miserably fail? Do you wish to do it all over again and incur more expenses in the process, or perhaps just let it be?

painting contractor CincinnatiBe reminded that in looking for a painting contractor, the responsibility can be a bit tougher than what you expect. You can get lots of business cards and contact numbers from a list of prospects but there’s no guarantee on the kind of service they provide. And when you’re selling your house in Cincinnati, you cannot afford to pay a lot to an inexperienced painting contractor while hoping your home will eventually be sold even with the bad painting job.

Have a serious look at the suggestions below when you want to get the most for your money in hiring a painting company.

Free Estimates

Every single contractor you meet must offer free estimates. And since you are the customer, don’t mind those who don’t offer the estimates for free. After all, you probably have ten other companies waiting in line. Be wary of those contractors who don’t charge you though and then hit you with a whopping bill for unexpected work that wasn’t covered or revealed in the estimate. The free estimate has to be put in writing and that everything placed in there should only be the things covered.

Weighing on the Price

When you’re painting a home for sale, it is expected that you will spend some considerable amount of money for it to be done. You definitely don’t want someone to be haggling on the price of your property just because the painting is awful.

But if ever a contractor quotes a price that you think is too expensive, you can conveniently ask what sort of work is included. You can’t just walk out of there because you feel you are deceived. There’s nothing wrong in asking questions. And when everything is explained, weigh on the price. You can actually ask for it to be reduced provided lesser preparation will be conducted. For instance, high contractor quotations may include painting the ceiling, filling holes and corner imperfections, sanding woodwork and walls, moving heavy furniture, and even taping windows. Hence, you can tell the contractor to skip some prep steps like taping the windows or woodwork.

Know the Crew

painting the houseYou also need to find out how many people will be working for painting a home for sale. Inquire about who will start the job, preparations, and who will finish it. Keep in mind that this right here is very important because you will have a clear look at what to expect for the entire process. You don’t want the contractor to be subcontracting the work from other people who are not qualified for the job.


We at painting contractor Cincinnati understand that one of the reasons why people don’t really want to paint their homes that will be put to the market is the paint. Yes, it can be very expensive, especially if you’re looking at completely repainting the entire house, both interior and exterior. While you can always prefer to request cheap paint use from the house painting services, you have to remember you cannot expect a good warranty for it. Some home sellers may think that it’s perfectly fine considering they’d be able to sell the house right before the new paint deteriorates. But then again, that leads to ruining your reputation as a seller in the process.