Professional Interior Painter Cincinnati OH

interior painters CincinnatiInterior painting is a fun home improvement project every homeowner wants to try. Doing so will greatly improve the look of one’s home without really spending that much money or effort, provided your opt to hire a professional interior painter Cincinnati.

The Need for an Interior Painter Cincinnati

Whether it is in Cincinnati or any other state or city in the United States, the fact remains that we all have to resort to repainting our interior in order to satisfy the need or desire for a fresh new look inside. That’s why it is called home improvement in the first place. However, unlike most home improvement projects, interior painting services is not something to be guaranteed through DIY. This means that while you can easily fix a broken door, lock, or roof shingle, you can’t guarantee success if you do the painting yourself.

So we have to admit that when it comes to home interior painting, you need to hire a professional painting contractor. The good news is we have here a bunch of tips for you to consider when you’re planning to hire one:

Be Wary of Lead Paint

If your home was built before 1978, you must look for a qualified lead expert to check the original paint right before you move on with any painting work. Most of the homes in the 1970s were painted with lead paint in their original layers, which of course means some serious health hazard.


Paint preparation is as important as the actually painting itself. In fact, any home interior painting contractor will tell you that it is the foundation of the entire job. When the prepping is done right, the paint will be able to perform in its full potential for many years to come. The ideal professional painting contractor surely knows how to prep for paint, because if you hire someone who does not, the result would be cracking, peeling, or chipping of paint only after of couple of years.


When you’re ready to hire and sure knows what to look for them be reminded that you are ought to put everything in writing. There is no such thing at verbal agreements in painting jobs and everything should be put in the contract, including the things to be done and the products/materials to be used. Everything should be as detailed as possible. For instance, you will want to expand on the type and amount of surface prep, type of primer to use, and of course the brand and kind of paint.

Extra Costs

professional interior paintingKeep in mind as well that there might be several other costs included in the painting job for your interior, unless of course you have a brand new home that you want to paint anew. For instance, you expect to be charged for moving and removing heavy furniture. Likewise, painting jobs for crown moldings, baseboards, walls, ceilings, and areas higher than eight feet may be considered as additional costs. Just be wise enough to check on these things when the contractor is giving you an estimate of the costs. You don’t want to get spooked by the huge amount of extra costs later on.

Finally, even if you don’t have the hands to use in painting your own interior, you do have the right to pick a paint color. Of course, the contractor will give you good advice, but you sure have the last word.