Wall Color Selection Tips from Interior Painters Cincinnati

living room wallYour interior painters Cincinnati will give you the best selection tips when it comes to wall paints for the interior of your living space. There are several options for you and the best thing about interior painting is that you can experiment and be creative in so many ways.

Tips for Color Selection from Interior Painters Cincinnati

There are homeowners who have total belief in themselves when it comes to asserting their personal style in painting their interiors. Kudos to them! And yes, we do recommend you use your personal style in order to put up the right color which represents either your personality or your desires. In interior painting, it’s really more on feeling free on breaking the conventional rules. So here are some tips that might come in handy when you need help in picking the right color for your wall and interior:

First of all, when you create either a warm or cool color theme, the basic rule is that you choose one color and use it as the predominant one. The other colors meanwhile will serve as accent colors. Now if you happen to have a narrow but long room, it is best if you paint the end walls using a darker shade. The use of the darker colors will recede and produce an impression of width. Meanwhile, light colors will make the illusion of advance.

Also, keep in mind that solids and simple patterns will significantly reduce visual weight. Bold patterns contrastingly will add to visual weight, which in turn relates to burden in the eyes. Moreover, the bright and intense colors will likewise contribute to visual weight while neutral and muted colors have the opposite effect.

If you want to make the room look larger, you may want to focus your wall color selection on light color paints, while at the same time choosing furnishings in a similar color family. The idea is harmony. If that’s not possible, what you can is actually paint the furniture in order to match the ideal color you chose for your walls.

With respect to your wall, choosing light colors for your ceilings will lead to attracting attention. Dark colors meanwhile that are used in the ceiling will definitely direct the eyes to head level, which in turn gives the viewer more focus on the walls and furnishings.

Also, lighting plays a major role in terms of affecting the color of your walls and other parts of the living space. For instance, fluorescent light will provide a cool lighting effect, that’s because it brings out green or blue. Incandescent light bulbs on the other hand will produce more red or warmth in the color. Part of your experiment in interior painting, especially in choosing wall paint color is viewing different color options both during the day and during the night.

Interior Painters Cincinnati: Interpreting the Main Color Selections


Red, when used for ceilings will normally create an annoying and weighty impression. For floors, it expresses confidence. As for walls, it is positive attitude and being energetic. Red in most instances is rather used as an accent color but more and more homeowners are seeing the trend in using this one on walls. It actually produces a more complex illusion of space.


wall color optionsPink is rather new when it comes to interior painting. However, it does create some nice impressions. For instance, if used in the ceilings, it resembles softness and comfort. For the pink floors, they’re basically intended for special and select spaces. As for walls, they are a great complement to soft and pale skin tones.


Brown is classic, and you probably know that already. For the ceiling, dark hues are quite heavy in impression. When used in floors, the color emphasizes stability, durability, and reliability. And finally, when brown is used in walls, the same will signify richness, comfort, and warmth.

Not a lot of people know that brown walls provide a nice and ideal environment for working and living. In fact, a lot of people use the combination of red and brown for utmost warmth and comfort.


wall colorWhen used in the ceilings, the orange is perfect for signifying energy and advancement. For the floor, it is more on creating movement. When used in walls, the soft peachy tones of the color represent warmth and glow. The brighter tones on the other hand are more on the energetic side, while burnt orange shades will resemble richness and warmth.

The common perception is that orange is mainly used as accents. However, when the hue is more of a peach, it becomes a suitable color for the bathroom. While orange is reserved typically for accents, pastel oranges are cheerful and lively. When this hue is close to peach, it has the ability to enhance skin tones and therefore would be a suitable color in a bathroom.